Capability list

Parameter Standard production Possible on Request
Products 1-12L PCB, FPC, FLEX-RIGID, Laser Cutted SMT Stencil
Input Data Formats Gerber, Excellon, Sieb&Mayer, ODB++ DXF, HPGL
basic material FR4, Rogers RO4350B, IS400, IS410, P96, Polyimid, AL core Teflon, IS620.......
No. of Conductive Layers Rigid 1 -12 12 and more
No. of Conductive Layers FLEX 3 4 and more
RIGID FR4 Laminate Thickness in Stock table of basic material other thickness on request
FLEXIBLE Material Thickness 25, 50, 75, 100 and 125µm
Cu foil Thickness 9µm, 18µm, 35µm, 70µm and 105µm 150µm and 210µm
Minimum Production Panel Size 195x290mm
Maximum PCB Size ( 1S, 2S and ML ) 400x520mm 500x600mm
Min. PCB Thickness 2-layer - 0,1mm
4-layer - 0,3mm
6-layer - 0,5mm
8-layer - 0,7mm
2-layer - 0,07mm
Max. PCB Thickness 3,2mm 5mm
Min. T/G/Annular Ring 0,12 / 0,12mm 0,1 / 0,1mm
Min. drilled Hole 0,2mm 0,1mm
Max. drilled Hole 6,4mm over 6,4mm routed
Blind and Burried Vias Yes, BLV 1:1, Burried Vias Plugged
Plated Slots 1,0mm and bigger, Controlled Depth 0,6 - 1,0mm
Smallest Routing Tool 1,0mm 0,6 - 1,0mm
Routing Tolerance 0,1mm 0,1mm
V-scoring material 0,5 - 3,2mm, JUMP V-scoring
V-scoring Positioning Tolerance +/-0,1mm in relation to drill
Photoimageable Soldermask green Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Bring White, Clack, HTg Resistant
Soldermask for FPC Photoimageable Green or Amber, PI foil ( Coverlay ) Photoimageable Black
Peelable Mask yes, blue
Marking Print white Blue, Red, Yellow, Black
Min. Marking Print Line Size 0,12mm 0,1mm
Carbon paste yes
Surface Protection Procces H.A.S.L. : 6 - 8µm
imersion Au : 4µm Ni / 0,09µm Au
imersion Sn : 1 - 1,2µm
galvanic Au ( Up to Size 100x300mm ) : 5µm Ni / 1µm Au
OSP and other
Galvanic Au yes
Laser Cutted SMT Stencil 80µm - 250µm other materials
Max. Stencil Size 600x600mm 600x600mm
Production Times standard : 10 working days
expres : 1 - 9 working days
8 hour
Testing 100% E-test Flying Probe, Optical AOI
Minimal order quantity from 1pc
Maximal order quantity on request
shippment Czech post EMS, UPS, DHL, TNT .....

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