Orders receipt and data processing for POOL service


  you can use the order form


Data transfer and ordering : The order can be send along with production data directly to email :  or directly a tour premises in Prague 9, Bechovice. As a transferring medium, please, use only CD, DVD or USB disc. Orders can also be send by fax or by post. When ordering, specify billing and delivery address.

Name of the board in POOL service : Always use a clear and unique name for the PCB (2 different boards with the same name cannot be ordered). For new or normal production in our company, please, use again different name.

Number of layers : 1-6 layers (it is possible to produce single sided boards or boards with no solder mask)

Technology : There is only one given technology in POOL service. Material thickness, color of solder mask and service print and also buildup for multilayers boards are given. Please ensure the correct input for production. In case you don’t need bottom service print, don’t send data for it, or note it in your order. Otherwise PCB will be produced according to your data with bottom service print.

Surface finishes * : Select the desired surface finishes of the options a) HAL b) chemical golding c) arbitrary. If you do not specify one option, it will automatically set c) arbitrary. ( valid from 1.1.2013)

Panelisation : According to dimensions of single board, consider panelisation for more pieces or for combination of more different motives (the smallest invoiced area is 1dm2 for single and double sided boards and 0,75dm2 for multilayers). Demand for panelisation has to be noted in your order.

Delivery time : Delivery time is counted from complete data transfer (day of receipt of order does not count), unless otherwise agreed. Receipt of orders are counted only during working hours, i.e. 8:00 to 4:00 p.m. hours.

Names of production data : Because the data for final PCB are assigned automatically, we require correct names of production data. If you use other, we will rename them for extra charge of 2 EURO.

Price : If you are not sure about the price, send us price inquiry to our email on: 

Repeated production of boards made as a POOL service : Repeated production in POOL service is possible, but note that new order has to have different name or at least different end-piece than the previous one. If it is possible note in the order also number of our last job (can be found on invoice or delivery note).

Plated milling : plated slots export as a gerber data to mill_pth.gbr


* Surface finishes:
a) HAL - tinning pads Pb free HAL
b) chemical golding - chemical golding pads, perfect flatness, ideal for SMD
c) arbitrary - PCB´s will be delivered with Pb free HAL surface or chemical golding according to current technology and filling POOL panel


  JOB for automatic generation of data for the POOL service from Eagle Design

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