The essence of first-quality production of printed circuits undoubtedly lies in fast, flawless and efficient data processing. We pay great attention to this area in our company. Already in the beginnings of the company’s existence we focused on creating utilities for simplifying the work with graphic data editors. However, our aim was to obtain software which would deal with the preparation of data for production in a complex manner – with the help of macroprograms. As the first in the Czech Republic we obtained and installed the software ECAM and shortly we built up a huge automated tool over it, which today enables us to process data and - together with the raster photoplotter proper - it helps us to prepare production data incredibly fast. For example for the known clients we are able to start up the production of 6-layer PCB with blind holes along both sides, including any panelization and finishing operations, already in 15 minutes after receiving the data. Naturally, a part of our service is also qualified archiving of the data of our clients, whether in the form of data or in physical form.


  company adress :
Žateckých 1532/7
140 00 Praha 4, Česká republika

  place of business :
Technologický park Běchovice
190 11 Praha 9, Česká republika

tel: + 420 222 729 257, + 420 222 590 402
fax: + 420 222 724 032