Orders receipt and data processing for flex and Flex-Rigid PCBs


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Data transfer and ordering : The order can be send along with production data directly to email:  or directly a tour premises in Prague 9, Bechovice. As a transferring medium, please, use only CD, DVD or USB disc. Orders can also be send by fax or by post. When ordering, specify billing and delivery address.

Name of PCB : Always use a clear and unique name for the PCB (2 different boards with the same name cannot be ordered). This name will be placed on the delivery note and invoice. For reorders, use the same name as on the previous order.

Number of pieces : Means the number of individual boards. If you require delivery in panels, please, specify desired penalization.

Number of layers : 1 - 6 layers for flexible PCBs. For FLEX-RIGID PCBs enter separately number of layers for rigid and flex parts (e.g. 2F4R means double sided rigid part and 4 layers flex part).

Material : Enter the thickness of base material in millimeters+ thickness of Cu foil in microns (for two-and multi-layered PCB, keep in mind that in the manufacturing process, at least 25 microns of Cu will be added to base copper thickness. Though enter the resulting thickness of copper foil). Name of flexible material already contains information about Kapton and copper thickness.

Technology : technologies for the production of flexible printed circuit is more or less the same as for Rigid PCB like surface finishes but uses only chemical golding or imersion tin

Delivery time : Standard delivery time for PCB production is 10 working days

Notes : PCBs smaller than 1dm2 are panelized for minimal production dimension or dimension corresponding with the order. The closest higher number of PCBs is delivered.

Minimal production dimensions for single and double sided PCBs are 150x200mm. For multi-layer boards it is 165x290mm. Same minimal dimensions apply for film matrixes. Technology neighborhood of 17mm from each side is already contained in minimal dimensions.

When entering a drill diameter, keep in mind, that the through-hole diameter after coating is smaller for about 0.1 mm than drill diameter. Or you have to specify the desired final hole diameter tolerance.

Delivery time is counted from complete data transfer (day of receipt of order does not count), unless otherwise agreed. Receipt of orders are counted only during working hours, i.e. 8:00 to 4:00 p.m. hours.

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